Secure Document Tracking


Secure Document

Documents are the supreme and vital assets of courts. Documents are the piece of evidence about the past, an account kept in writing, and some other format to keep it safe for future needs and procedure. These documents are the sum of a person or court achievements, performance, and complete history. In courts, keeping a record is always a very serious and big issue because the court's ultimate performance is depending on these hard file documents/records and evidence. With the passage of time records evolution increase into a huge and very large amount, this is the point where the problem arises because searching a required data from bundles of the record is really a hard task it takes too much time and personability, his passion, and stamina. This System will provide complete document tracking with the help of the UHF (ultra-high frequency) RIFD (Radio frequency identification) System. UHF RIFD series will provide a complete solution to secure document tracking. It will capable of control and manage the flood of hard file documents/records of past and future.